Excursions on Mount Pizzocolo, Lake Garda
Lake Garda

Excursions on Mount Pizzocolo, Lake Garda

Monte Pizzocolo majestically dominates Lake Garda and has a very particular silhouette that makes it appear unique: it is one of the most popular mountains to climb.

Monte Pizzocolo, affectionately called by the locals "Naso di Napoleone", is a mountain on the western shore of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia. It majestically dominates Lake Garda and has a very particular silhouette that makes it appear unique. If you take a closer look at the summit formation, you can see Napoleon Bonaparte's face on the north-south axis, which also explains the nickname.

On a clear day, from the summit you can see far into the Po Valley. Monte Pizzocolo has an altitude of 1581m and can be climbed from the south and west. It is ideal for hiking and cycling.

Depending on the level of difficulty, different tours can be planned, both on foot and by mountain bike. From Toscolano Maderno you have an excellent starting point to start various excursions. Whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family with children, you will find your tailor-made day tour.

What to see at Monte Pizzocolo

Mount Pizzocolo which overlooks Toscolano Maderno, a town on Lake Garda on the western shore, is 1582 meters high, reaching a relatively advanced position compared to the Garda hinterland.
It is a privileged observation point for the whole of Lake Garda, offering a 360-degree view from its top, embracing from Garda to the Alps, up to Monte Rosa and the Apennines.
Near its summit you can find a bivouac made in a military structure from the First World War and a small chapel.

Excursions to Monte Pizzocolo by mountain bike

In the following, I would like to introduce you to a somewhat more demanding mountain bike tour.

It is estimated that it will take four and a half hours to travel the 29.2 km. This circumnavigation, also known as the "ring tour", is recommended for expert cyclists. It starts from Toscolano Maderno (75 m) near the municipality and heads towards Gaino, from where you take the forest road towards Camerate. After that, a steep climb awaits you which will take you to Agritur San Lorenzo. From there continue to the Palazzo di Archesane (816 m). The following slope is not passable, which is why you have to push or carry the bike. It leads up to Passo dello Spino (1155 m) and from there it continues up to Pirlo allo Spino (1165 m). There, a spectacular panorama awaits you. Here you have the opportunity to stop, stop at the refuge and refresh yourself while enjoying the breathtaking view. Then it's all downhill. First you reach Pirelli. Then continue on a forest track, then paved, up to San Michele, passing through Supiane and then returning to Maderno.

​The summit of Monte Pizzocolo cannot be climbed by bike, but the platform of Passo dello Spino and Pirlo allo Spino is no different. Whichever tour you choose, enjoy the climb, the unique landscape and the exceptional view of Lake Garda.

The caves of Monte Pizzocolo

The limestone rock of which Monte Pizzocolo is formed hides numerous caves.
Two of these caves are very interesting because they have a microclimate with a constant temperature throughout the year between two and five degrees.
The two caves are located at the foot of Monte Pizzocolo and are called: Giasera del Val and Giasera de Boscheta d'Archesane.

It is no coincidence that Monte Pizzocolo enjoys an excellent reputation: on Lake Garda it is one of the most popular mountains to climb.

Excursions on Mount Pizzocolo, Lake Garda