Lemon groves of Gargnano between history and local products - educational itinerary
Lake Garda

Lemon groves of Gargnano between history and local products - educational itinerary

A unique opportunity to visit the Gargnano citrus grove, normally closed to the public.

The Terre & Sapori association offers an educational itinerary to discover the lemon groves of Gargnano, during which it will be possible to visit some citrus groves that characterize the landscape of Lake Garda, get to know them and taste the local products.

Since 2012, the Terre & Sapori association has been involved in the enhancement and promotion of the extraordinary lemon groves of Upper Lake Garda and the citrus fruits that are still grown there, for productive or decorative purposes, since 2015 also through the organization of the "Event Giardino degli Citrus fruits.

The productive cultivation of citrus fruits along the Brescian coast of upper Lake Garda, documented since the 15th century, is known for having left a strong imprint on the landscape, as monumental masonry greenhouses were built to protect the plants from the rigors of winter: the lemon house.

Terre & Sapori has set itself the goal of making known and promoting this ancient cultural tradition which still persists today thanks to the great work of some enthusiasts, so that citrus fruits once again become the true protagonists of the landscape of Upper Garda and of the lemon groves. most valuable are considered unique heritage in the world.

Since 2021, the Terre & Sapori agricultural cooperative has joined the association which, through its food laboratory, transforms the citrus fruits of the lemon houses into products such as jams and salts
flavored and in syrup, as well as the capers that grow spontaneously on the walls of the lemon houses.

Aware of the historical, architectural and cultural heritage that the lemon houses represent for our territory, this initiative wants to offer you an experience that makes you aware of this value and of the important duty of all of us as promoters
Tourism and the territory, we pass it on to visitors and future generations.

For the next season, weekly adventurous guided tours of the lemon groves are planned for interested visitors and tourists.

Dates and times of the Educational Tour 2023: 10.-11. March 9:30 | March 13-14 at 2pm
Meeting point: Gargnano (BS), Piazzale Boldini (near the underground car park and the bus stop).
Duration: about 3 hours.

Other: The excursion will develop on the first hill of Gargnano (with some climbs, descents and stairways) for a route of about 3 kilometers interspersed with numerous stops.

Suitable clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended. The excursion ends in the historic center of Gargnano with a
small tasting of our local products.

Contact San Giorgio Resort for more information.

Lemon groves of Gargnano between history and local products - educational itinerary