Tremosine: The eighth wonder of the world is located on Lake Garda
Lake Garda

Tremosine: The eighth wonder of the world is located on Lake Garda

Streets carved in stone, Venetian lions, breathtaking terraces and endless panoramas. Welcome to Tremosine on Lake Garda.

In Tremosine, water, sky and mountains merge into a unique and spectacular whole. The city overlooks Lake Garda and offers endless panoramas and breathtaking views: an excursion with family or friends is an experience not to be missed!

Tremosine sul Garda is situated on a plateau on the western shore of Lake Garda. It is part of the "Parco Alto Garda Bresciano" in the province of Brescia. The municipality consists of 18 hamlets and only Campione is directly on the lake, the remaining hamlets are spread over large areas on the plateau and in valleys.

Municipal seat is Pieve with about 2100 inhabitants. The place is very quiet at an altitude of about 413 meters and offers a beautiful panorama for tourists who come to Lake Garda every year for vacation.

Tremosine has a historic core and is a pretty village and the area offers a wide variety of natural beauties, ranging from Mediterranean to Alpine landscapes. The lake, the valleys, endless hills and mountains with olive groves and citrus groves.

The Forra Street in Tremosine, the eighth wonder of the world

The Strada della Forra is a road of about 6 km that, between tunnels, hairpin bends and switchbacks, allows you to enter the heart of the mountain, crossing the gorge of the Brasa stream to reach the beautiful village of Tremosine.

It is a very famous panoramic road as you literally drive between the rocks, going through extremely tight bends and tunnels while being rewarded with an amazing view of the lake.
The ascent alone is worth the trip, it is not for nothing that Winston Churchill called it “the eighth wonder of the world” when it was inaugurated in 1913.

How to drive the Forra street

For all these reasons, the Strada della Forra is a paradise for motorcyclists, who can more easily pass in complete peace and enjoy the 360° panorama that only two wheels can offer.

It is also possible to cover them on foot and by bike, the only way to enjoy the landscape with all the time available (apart from a few points by motorbike, it is impossible to stop by car along the way).

For trekking lovers it is possible to embark on path n. 201 Porto – Pieve. You hike about 350 meters between mountain mule paths and natural stairs. The route is of medium difficulty, for a total duration of about 3 hours.

The famous Terrazza del Brivido of Tremosine

Another attraction, known for its beauty and uniqueness, is the "Terrazza del Brivido" (the so-called "Terrace of Terror"). It is about 350 meters high and offers a view of one of the most beautiful panoramas of Lake Garda.

The "Terrazza del Brivido" is a real gem. It's romantic and scary at the same time. It offers a beautiful view and induces fear and terror in a good way. Pure goosebumps when you look out from a considerable height and a panorama of the highest beauty opens up in front of you.

A tip: if you have the choice, go to the “Terrazza del Brivido” at sunset, the atmosphere is even more magical.

Mount champion

If you are lucky, it is possible that on particularly clear and sunny days the view of Lake Garda extends to include "Monte Campione" with its lush vegetation.
The mountain extends high above the Tremosine area and
on a clear day, the already mentioned panoramic road "Strada della Forra" is also clearly visible, as well as a piece of the Pre-Alps, the city of Sirmione and some municipalities in the province of Verona.

How to reach Tremosine from San Giorgio Resort

From the San Giorgio Resort Tremosine is about 25 km away, the road to get there is panoramic and very beautiful.
We recommend Tremosine to all our guests: it is a wonderful excursion with family or friends to take spectacular photos and live a unique experience. Once you arrive on Lake Garda you will hear a lot about it and you will surely organize a day in Pieve di Tremosine.

Tremosine: The eighth wonder of the world is located on Lake Garda