April on Lake Garda: the most beautiful spring holiday
Lake Garda

April on Lake Garda: the most beautiful spring holiday

Spring in Gargnano on Lake Garda: new edition of Giardini d'Agrumi from 22 to 25 April 2023

The event Giardini d’Agrumi take place in Gargnano at the end of April: an ideal occasion for a splendid spring holiday on Lake Garda.

It is a unique event of its kind, aimed at enhancing and rediscovering lemon groves, citrus groves and the wonderful Gargnano area.
The organizers are associations and citizens committed to the expansion and conservation of smallholder food production.

The ancient cultivation techniques and the practices of grandparents and great-grandparents represent a heritage to be preserved and handed down to the new generations in order to preserve the quality of the food, the beauty of the area and the local culture.

In April, the mild climate of Lake Garda allows for an ideal holiday among lemon groves, landscapes and enchanted villages

The typical products of the region are: olives, oil, citrus fruits, chestnuts, capers, wines, bay leaves and fish. The cultural and natural landscapes of Lake Garda and Gargnano in particular have always offered products of the highest quality and variety, thanks to ancient techniques, a mild climate all year round and a rich and fertile territory perfect for some niche crops.

Anyone who has attended the past editions knows that it is a multi-sensory event: not only to taste, but also to see, smell and why not even hear, given that there are shows and concerts in the courtyard and in the beautiful buildings of Gargnano.
The aroma of wine, the scent of lemons, the olive groves as far as the eye can see, the harmony of music make this long holiday weekend a real holiday full of emotions.

The sub-Mediterranean climate that prevails around Lake Garda is ideal for citrus cultivation. Lemon groves have been one of the most important industries in the region since the 17th century. On average, 20 million lemons are exported each year. In total there are 50 hectares of gardens around Lake Garda where citrus fruits are grown.

April on Lake Garda: a spring holiday full of scents and flavours

A visit to the culinary event can be ideally combined with a spring stay on Lake Garda.
The event takes place in the midst of some of the most beautiful gardens, palaces, parks and structures of Lake Garda.
Spring is one of the ideal seasons to visit Lake Garda: April is when everything is in bloom and the freshly picked products are ready to be enjoyed.
Festival attendees can visit lemon groves, greenhouses, lemon and orange groves, normally closed to the public, and have the chance to speak directly with local farmers and see them at work.

The artistic and cultural program is very varied and there is something for all tastes. Concerts of different musical styles, workshops, exhibitions and guided tours dedicated to the territory and to the activities of Gargnano and its surroundings are offered.

The purpose of the event is to open the doors of one's country to visitors who love Lake Garda, to make known the activities and the quality of local products such as citrus fruits, hoping to welcome tourists and travelers throughout the year, not only during the summer.

The premises are accessible to all and all events will take place with due precautions even in case of bad weather.
We highly recommend enjoying a glass of limoncello straight from the local grower and taking a bottle home for yourself and your loved ones.

For those who want to spend a few days on Lake Garda, the end of April is a golden time

On Lake Garda the climate is mild in April and it is very easy and pleasant to combine the event with excursions to the lake, mountains, castles and medieval villages.
Beautiful trails directly on the lake or along hillside or mountain trails are suitable for young and old.
In the evening there is no shortage of welcoming typical local trattorias or pizzerias to end the evening with typical appetizers of Lake Garda and a sip of excellent quality wine.

April on Lake Garda: the most beautiful spring holiday